Jorge Salamanca, CAMP ’12

Jorge salamanca

Jorge Salamanca, CAMP ’12,  works as a CAMP recruiter/advisor for Hartland CAMP at Donnelly College, a partner site at the University of Kansas. He received his associates degree in Arts from Garden City Community College and his bachelors degree from University of Kansas, where he double major in Political Science and Italian.

His experience as a CAMPer allowed him to work on his advocacy skills, which prepared him to seek leadership positions as a student. And more importantly, in his professional career. Additionally, Jorge volunteers his free time at the Guereca Law Firm, an organization that brings legal support to latino, and other underrepresented communities in the greater Kansas City area.

“I always promoted and celebrated the idea of diversity and multiculturalism on my campus.  As a CAMP recruiter,  I serve students who are migrant, first generation, low income, and mostly refugees. My background has given me the capacity to serve students who are going through similar journey I once was when I attended college”

Jorge Salamanca, CAMP ’12