To apply for a committee member position, email the Committee Application (Fillable PDF Form) along with your resume to:

Committee descriptions, eligibility and service requirements, are listed below.

The National HEP/CAMP Association Scholarship Committee

The National HEP/CAMP Association Scholarship Committee oversees the HEP Scholarship Award.  The goal of the committee is to market the scholarship’s eligibility requirements to the HEP/CAMP Association membership, solicit and facilitate scholarship applications, meet as a committee to decide on awards and provide award announcements to the Association Board and membership.  The chair and the committee works with the HEP/CAMP Association treasurer to process and send out awards in the name of the winners to respective HEP directors. The goal is to award three times per year. The committee chair also works with the Technology/Marketing Committee to market and announce competition deadlines and results in the HEP/CAMP Association website. The National HEP/CAMP Association Scholarship Committee Chair will also provide an update each year at the HEP CAMP Association Meeting prior to the OME Annual Directors Meeting in Washington DC. 


  • Ability to monitor, facilitate and operate the online scholarship application
  • Outstanding organizational and follow-through skills
  • Ability to develop effective communication strategies to outreach to directors and Association membership

Technology Committee

The role of this committee is to support the technology needs of the HEP/CAMP Association and the committees that promote all Association activities, including but not limited to:

  • Conference Planning
  • Professional Development 
  • Communications and Marketing 
  • Scholarship 

The areas in which Technology Committee members will be most frequently involved include:

  • Creating and maintaining online forms, such as the conference registration, student and art contents, scholarship application, and others 
  • Work in collaboration with the Marketing and Communications Committee in maintaining the HEP/CAMP Association website
  • Providing support during the HEP/CAMP National Conference
  • Creating and maintaining password management tool
  • Creating and maintaining, electronic voting tool and supporting the Parliamentarian during election year


  • Working knowledge of Google products (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.) or similar collaboration tools (Dropbox, Box, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of WordPress or other Content Management Systems
  • Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • Interested in and willing to research and learn new technology, software, and tools
  • Basic knowledge of technology information security

Marketing and Communications Committee

The committee will leverage the expertise of the members to better promote the impact of our HEP and CAMP programs on a national level.  Responsibilities for committee members include but are not limited to developing a marketing communications plan for HEP/CAMP Association; managing promotional materials such as the association website, social media and any publications designed to promote HEP/CAMP and its students including brochures, posters, flyers, press releases, public service announcements, newsletters, etc.

The committee shall provide services and guidance on the following specific tasks:

  • Web design and content updates
  • Photo and video editing
  • Social media management and engagement
  • Graphic design, both print and online materials
  • Marketing and promotional management
  • Technical assistance to the board and committees regarding marketing and promotions


Experience in graphic design, web design, social media, basic HTML, CSS knowledge, and database management are highly desirable.

Alumni Relations Committee

The Alumni Relations Committee oversee the HEP/CAMP Alumni Ambassadors Program.  The goal of the program is to develop a network of successful HEP/CAMP alumni who can represent our programs at a local, state, and national level.  The chair and the committee works with HEP/CAMP Directors to nominate alumni who through service and personal achievements personify the excellence of HEP/CAMP. The goal is to identify 10 alumni per program.

The committee will develop a database of alumni and feature their stories in the HEP/CAMP Association website and other social media outlets. Additionally, the committee contacts alumni directly to inquire about their availability and level of interest to engage further as an ambassador.  Activity may include visiting their congressional member in their district, sending a letter to their representative and/or joining HEP/CAMP directors during our information sessions in Capitol Hill in August.  The Alumni Relations Committee is also responsible for organizing the annual HEP/CAMP National Conference Alumni Reception each year. 


  • Ability to develop effective communication strategies to outreach to directors and alumni to build ambassador program.
    • Outstanding organizational and follow-through skills.
    • Ability to organize events, social gatherings and other activities to engage alumni.       

Historical Committee

The role of this committee is to support the archival needs of the HEP/CAMP Association.  The Committee will compile and maintain an organized record (print and/or electronic) of documents of historical significance to the Association. 

The Committee duties include but are not limited to:

  • explore the creation and maintenance of a cloud-based Association archive
  • compile an Association history with lists of charter members,
  • collect and archive important Association documents such as
    • bylaws, Articles of Incorporation
    • newspaper clippings, articles,
    • photographs,
    • notice of events,
    • Meeting minutes and official communications
    • Maintain a list of current Board of Directors and chairpersons with titles and addresses
  • help develop, disseminate and update guidelines for archival, documentation for Association members


  • Working knowledge of Google products (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.) or similar collaboration tools (Dropbox, Box, etc.)
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong reading and writing skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Able to set deadlines and follow up as needed

DC Internship Committee

The Internship Committee is charged to select the most prepared candidates for the DC internships.   The committee reviews and ranks the applicants based (but not solely) on academic preparation, leadership, farmwork experience and involvement with their HEP or CAMP programs.  The Committee is comprised of project directors or staff that do not have an applicant in the pool of candidates. 


  • No applicant in the competition
  • Requisite time to fully review 25-30 applications in a two week window
  • Analytical and detail oriented
  • Organized
  • Comfortable reviewing academic transcripts and program eligibility documentation
  • Preferred-prior experience serving on a like selection committee