HEP/CAMP Ambassadors Program recognizes and celebrates the achievements of HEP/CAMP Alumni who have made both professional and personal contributions to their profession and community. In addition, HEP/CAMP Ambassadors will represent our program at a local, state, and national level.

  • Demonstrated leadership and achieved success in their field (professional, academic, community)
  • Existing work exemplifies the objective of HEP/CAMP
  • Willingness to commit time to the betterment of national HEP/CAMP programs and those it serves.

Nomination Process:
  • Complete nomination form
  • Notify alumni of nomination

Selection Process
  • HEP/CAMP Association Committee will review the nominations

HEP CAMP Ambassador Role

If selected, our HEP/CAMP Alumni Ambassadors will represent and support HEP/CAMP by:

  • Writing a letter of support
  • Visit local Congressional reps
  • Visit Congressional reps in Washington DC (Association funds may cover the cost)