The National HEP and CAMP Association Listserv is operated through Through this service, members are able to receive and send information to other members.

To join:

This is a private group and can be joined by invitation only.

Program directors must submit a request by filling out the HEP/CAMP: Program Update/Listserv Request

To send a message to the listserv members / post a message to the group through email

Just email your message to the listserv address

The REPLY button addresses your message to the last sender

The REPLY ALL button addresses your message to the entire group.

When you hit the REPLY/REPLY ALL button, always check the TO field, to make sure your message is going to the right place.

Online Group

The group is accessible through the website:

Through the website, members can access posts by creating a account to log in to the group.

Please remember that it is NOT necessary to create a account to send or receive emails. Just be aware that the online group is an option in case you ever have problems accessing your email.

The National HEP CAMP Association Listserv is not a moderated list. Posts to the Listserv are not reviewed or censored before they appear. Please proofread your message and be considerate of others.