Lindsay Messoline, MA

Lindsay Messoline | Pre-Conference: 9 am – 4 pm

Empowering Students and Boosting Academic Skills with a Representative and Decolonial Approach

This workshop will focus on using representative materials and activities to empower migrant learners and boost their skills in order to pass their HSE tests and build a strong academic foundation for future learning. The workshop will be incredibly engaging and will use discussions, activities, games and more! Participants will walk away with handouts and concrete ideas on how to continue decolonizing the educational experience for migrant learners, and help them succeed in school and beyond.

A general outline of the presentation is:

-Review disclaimers and important definitions in this space

-Evaluate issues with current and/or existing materials

-Identify ways educators have already been doing decolonizing/representative work, even if they were unaware

-Review and understand statistics on self-esteem and learning

-Examine how the representative/decolonial approach boosts academic skills

-How-to’s for activities in class! (Almost half of the workshop will revolve around these concrete ideas and exercises that participants can implement immediately into their programs)

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift | Pre-Conference: 9 am – 12 noon


Paradigm Shift is in the business of empowering leaders outside of our organization. If you lead any type of group and would like to instill experiential education into your programming, our train-the-trainer events are for you.

Train-the-Trainer events focus on mixing hands-on instruction with in-depth theory. We want to teach your staff our student engagement strategies. The Paradigm Shift consultants have developed the Pool Party Theory as the model for facilitation and would like to teach it to others. This is one of the reasons why our workshops, keynotes, and trainings are incredibly engaging.

Engaging Student Groups

When students fully engage in content, they remember it longer. Whether virtually or in-person, our team has developed engagement strategies that have raised student engagement levels in programs around the country. In this topic, we share our best engagement techniques and activities that will excite students to learn. Engaged learning = effective learning.

Cool Speak

Cool Speak | Pre-Conference: 1 pm – 4 pm

How Can HEP and CAMP Recruiters Adopt New and Improved Outreach Techniques?

We have worked with many different recruiters, and we understand that they are all too often given a presentation template, some applications and flyers and are sent out to recruit students. During this three-hour workshop, the CoolSpeak team will help train the HEP/CAMP recruiters (and other interested staff) in presentation fundamentals like:

  • How to deliver your school’s selling points in a different manner
  • The importance of body language, tonality, and engagement
  • Using our own life experiences in our recruitment pitches
  • How to use props, presentations, and music
  • Improving your virtual presentations

This session will allow the opportunity for the session attendees to practice their new and improved pitches in order to obtain feedback and suggestions and ultimately enhance their current outreach approaches. This session will be beneficial for anyone that has to talk to others about their HEP/CAMP programs. Come learn from professionals who love to have fun while helping others improve their delivery.