The HEP/CAMP Professional Development Committee seeks to facilitate opportunities and resources for the ongoing skill development of its HEP and CAMP members.

Towards this goal, the committee:

  • Surveys the membership to identify areas of need
  • Engages membership in sharing best practices
  • Identifies and recruits experts to facilitate professional development at sponsored conferences, meetings, and via webinars
  • Maintains a calendar and library of reference and resource material related to HEP/CAMP services

To request a webinar topic, contact Patricia Feliz.

Webinar dates, description, and links are regularly being added.
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Upcoming Webinars


8/23/18          Implementing a Peer Mentoring & Ambassador Program
Interested in developing or improving your Peer Mentoring or Ambassador Program?  Please join us as CAMP directors share some of their best practices and successes.


9/13/18          Utilizing Technology to Keep Students and Staff Connected
How do you use technology in your program and in your classrooms?  How does technology help you manage your program and serve your students?  The Wake Tech HEP program in Raleigh, NC uses a variety of technology tools to communicate with students, conduct intake, and offer online classes.  Come see how the program has evolved to incorporate these new technologies, and be prepared to discuss how technology has helped you in your own program.  Also, we are exploring having a technology strand at the national conference in November, and we would like to know which topics you would be interested in seeing there.


10/11/18        Strategies for Supporting Psycho-Social Needs of our Students
Research shows that students learn best when they feel safe and secure.  What are some of the challenges to HEP/CAMP students feeling safe and secure? Prof. Olga Mejia from Cal State Fullerton’s Department of Counseling will be on hand to share how mindfulness can be a strategy for supporting students.