The scholarship application has a series of required fields marked with a red asterisk. You will be unable to submit the application unless ALL the required fields are entered. You will also need to complete the application in one sitting, so please make sure you have the necessary items, which are outlined below.


  • HSE completion date
  • Name of the institution/agency where you attended HEP classes
  • Name, phone number, and address of your HEP program’s director

2) STUDENT RECOMMENDATION AND APPROVAL FORM, which must be signed by the HEP program director. The form can be accessed by selecting this link (opens in new tab).

3) PROOF OF ENROLLMENT in a certificate, degree, or vocational/training program at a post-secondary education institution. This can be submitted in PDF or screenshot format.

4) SCHOLARSHIP ESSAY, describing the student’s or the student’s family’s farmwork experience, financial need, and academic goals. In this personal statement, the student will explain why he/she should be awarded the HEP/CAMP Scholarship and how this award will help them achieve their goals.

  • The essay must be written in English
  • Word count: approximately 500 words (1 page, single space)

Please note: applicants should not contact the scholarship committee to inquire about the status of their application. Once the Scholarship Committee has reviewed all applications and awardees are selected, checks will be mailed directly to the applicant’s program director, who will in turn communicate the Committee’s decision to the student.