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The National HEP CAMP Association recognizes we are currently in unprecedented and challenging times and our students are faced with a multitude of unexpected issues.

Students experiencing financial need due to an emergency may be eligible to receive one-time per calendar year, emergency funding up to $599.00.


Eligible students for SEF funds must be either currently served in HEP/CAMP or recent alumni who are completing their undergraduate program.

For the purposes of this fund, an emergency is defined as a financial hardship within the academic school year, such as a medical issue, accident, child care, or emergency such as fire, flood, unexpected death, victim of a crime etc.

Funds will not be granted to students who request funding to cover tuition, fees or books, non-essential utilities, debt/owed payments. 


After receiving 100 applications since opening the fund, we have exceeded our current budget. The SEF committee fully intend to request additional funding in the future. We recognize there is an overwhelming need present and we are dedicated to doing all we can to support our students.

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